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In March 2009 SOGEi received the Internacional Star for Quality Leadership Award, in the Gold Category. This award was granted by BID (Business Initiative Directions). This award was created in Mid-Seventies and it is based on the C-100 Criteria, a Total Quality Management Model.

Since its creation, many corporate groups have participated in the BID Quality Awards, which aim qat raising awareness among the corporate world with regards to improving quality of their produtcs and services, thus encouraging change in corporate mindsets, behaviors and culture, and signicantly improving performance and reducing costs.

gold_Best_Developer_Africasite     The Sogei (www.sogei.cv) received the award excellence, Gold category, best real estate developer in Africa
     through its development Salinas Beach Resort, on the island of Maio, (www.salinasbeachresort.sogei.cv).

     The prize was awarded on 10 October 2012 in an international gala organized by OPP (The Overseas 
     Professional Property - www.opp-connect.com), which represents one of the largest British companies of Real


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